she ! they , 20

ults: keeho (p1harmony), changmin & dongil (dkb), jaejun & hyunyeop (tan), asahi (treasure)casuals: chaehyun (kep1er), kyungjun (tnx), e. ji & joonie (ichillin’), beomgyu (txt), liz (ive), chaeyoung (fromis_9), ryujin (itzy), juyeon (tbz), isa (stayc), yunjin (le sserafim), jongho (ateez), kyungsoo (exo), yohan (wei), yonghee (cix), wonhyuk (e’last), bona (wjsn)others: danmei + baihe (mainly mxtx & meatbun), anime, donghua, thai dramas, olivia rodrigo, alec benjamin, omar rudberg, conan gray, jeff satur, nunewcurrently watching: dear m., jinxed at first, why her?

- fit basic dnf criteria
- u dislike any of the groups i stan (i don’t like conflict of interest and don’t like to see undeserved hate on my tl)
- u dislike hualian, wangxian, bingqiu (i will protect them with my life)
*do not privately dm me if <17

- i tweet a lot abt literally anything so at times i may clog ur tl
- sometimes i forget to tw or cw things, but i do my best to label anything ppl may find triggering
- for twitter: i mainly tweet abt kpop
- for tiktok: i mainly post about danmei, specifically the mxtx trio